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Auditing will provide a detailed analysis of the current state of your website

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What is Auditing? Why is it important?

Auditing refers to the process of analyzing a website’s current state and standing in search. Specifically, we will monitor your current analytics: traffic, clicks/impressions, keyword rankings, and authority. We will also analyze the backlink portfolio, content, and technical aspects of your site. By pinpointing areas for improvement, an SEO audit ensures your website stands out, draws more visitors, and reaches its full potential online.

Auditing Benefits

- Visualize your current traffic and keyword ranking analytics.
- Understand what technical issues might be causing you poor results.
- Get professional feedback on your current content strategy, if any.
- Learn why your current backlink portfolio isn't getting you results and what links you should go after.

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Traffic Audit

We pull all relevant data and analytics of your website, specifically traffic, clicks/impressions, and keyword rankings.

Backlink Audit

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your backlink portfolio and make note of what links are hurting you as well as what links you should consider acquiring.

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Technical Audit

We will run a technical audit to identify all errors and issues relating to page speed, rankings, and indexing.

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Content Audit

We will complete a audit of your content strategy, content creation, and impact of your content on your website.

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Audit Statistics

Here are some statistics we think you should know about the effect SEO has had on websites in the last year.


of businesses that regularly audit their websites outperform those that do not.


of websites that routinely run technical audits have 90+ rated page speed (quick).


of websites that regularly audit are more likely to rank on the first page of Google.


ROI is seen in websites that conduct audits often.

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